Delhi Metro Advisory On COVID-19

What Steps Delhi Metro Follow for COVID-19? 

As we all know, many people died as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, especially in the second wave of covid-19. Many people lost their jobs, and now that the lockdown has been lifted, people are looking for work and attending interviews. There are many people who have their own businesses, as well as many people in Delhi who use the Metro on a daily basis. The Delhi government has decided to raise awareness in the metro. To travel in metro, you will have to wear a mask. Now, 50% fewer people will be able to travel by metro, which is a good thing because the fewer people will travel by metro, The chances of the spread of corona virus will decrease. The Delhi government is doing an excellent job of sanitising the metro. When you enter in a metro station, they will first check your temperature, and then you must apply sanitizer to your hands. You must keep a 1 metre distance in the ticket line, and when you enter the metro, you must sit except for one seat to maintain social distance. How You Can Prevent from covid 19 The police officers who stand at metro stations for our safety are completely negative; their COVID-19 report is checked first, and then only after they arrive on duty.

In the view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the metro travellers are hereby advised/ informed of the following measure being taken by Delhi government to counter it’s spread:-

1. Use Metro for essential travel only: People travel by the Metro only when it is essential and unavoidable.

2.Maintain social distancing: people maintain at least 1 meter distance from each other while travelling in the Metro Or at the station i.e. STANDING PASSENGER NOT ALLOWED and ALTERNATIVE SEATS BE LEFT VACANT.

3. Thermal Scanning: Random thermal scanning of passengers will be carried out at all Metro stations. In case anyone has fever or is observed to have any symptom of corona virus, he/she will be referred for medical tests and quarantine to the authorities.

4. Skipping of station: Trains may not stop at such stations which may be having crowding I.e. less than the expected distance of 1 meter between the passengers.

5. Frequency of Trains: This may be altered depending upon the exigencies of the situation.

6.Follow Govt. Advisory: In course of the journey and stay within the metro premises, passengers are requested to follow the advisory issued by the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Government of India from time to time to contain the spread of corona virus.

7. Symptoms: Any passenger who has symptoms similar to those infected by COVID-19 virus are strictly advised to avoid travel by the Metro or any other mode of public transport.

8. Co-operate & be patient: Let us all resolve to deal with this global crisis with patience and co-operate with the authorities to mitigate it’s spread. If You Want To know How can you protect yourself from covid kindly click on this link Corona Virus: What is it and How Can I Protect Myself

7 ways to protect yourself against coronaviruses

1. Always wear a mask when you are travelling on the metro or on any other public transport.
2. Always sanitize your hands whenever you travel in the metro.
3. Maintain 1 meter distance from people at metro station
4. If it is possible, use the metro card instead of tokens, because if you take the token, the chances of spreading corona will increase.
5. Whenever you travel by metro, always keep a sanitizer spray with you.
6. Sit at a distance from the people inside the metro and do not touch anything.
7. Do not travel in public transport unless it is very important.

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